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YouTube Video Advertising

By Veda K. Ford, Over 10 years of experience with YouTube video advertising.

Create Date: 2022/08/26

5-10 minute read.

YouTube advertising allows for advertising video ads to reach customers where they are already watching videos. When advertising through this channel media budget is only spent when users click or users watch over :30 seconds of the video ad. This allows for business growth through video advertising that supports consideration, educational content.

An Effective Media Channel

Like all digital media, this tactic allows for quick adjustments while reading real-time data to determine if optimizations are needed. YouTube is great for broad awareness and will increase an overall ad recall giving your brand or campaign message top of mind lift. Because of its uniqueness in being one of the largest search channels as well as being a top paid social channel, it's important to incorporate this channel when utilizing video ad types.


YouTube Quick Facts

  • Over 2 Billion Monthly Active Users
  • Over 15 Million of those Active Users in US
  • Main Age Demo 15-35
  • YouTube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine
  • 1 Billion Hours a Day Watched
  • Users spend nearly 30 minutes per Visit

Ad Types

Skippable In-Stream Ad

Ads that run before, during or after a video play. Skippable ads allow for
elevated reach.

Bumper Ads

Highlight quick messages that are

Non-Skippable In-Stream Ad

Ads that run before, during or after a video play. Non-skippable ads allow for potential customers
to see the full video.


Feature your ad at the top of the
YouTube search homepage.

Video Action Campaigns

Ads that run before, during or after a video play. Skippable ads allow for elevated reach and
include a CTA button.

Discovery Ads

Reach users as they browse YouTube and show up in
GMail Promotion and Social tabs.

YouTube Channel Report

Metrics, What's Working

YouTube helps business goals by reaching the right customers while tracking who saw the ad and how many times getting the best results. Monitor brand perception and awareness through budget allocation tests, comparing results to other channels. Measure the amount of views and view durations to understand if people are watching. The ultimate goal is to have users take action.

YouTube Shorts

Drive Action through YouTube’s Unique Reach

YouTube is important because of the wide-range of demographics of users on this channel along with different ways to reach audiences. Over 50% of marketers use YouTube in their strategies and it's the second most used platform by influencers. This has increased usage in YouTube's new placements like, YouTube Stories, Shorts and YouTube Live. Stories have seen an increase by 22% and an increase of 14% in YouTube Live.

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