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Social Media Marketing

Get measured interactions from your organic audience where they spend the majority of their time . Social media is your brand's opportunity to connect and engage your audience with content they want to share to help grow organically through word of mouth . Strategies that speak to your audience.

Why Social Media Marketing?

  • Effective Advertising
  • Prospect New Customers
  • Proprietary Audiences
  • Data-Driven Strategies
  • Remarket to Current/Past Customers
  • Leverage Machine Learning


Nurture your gained and existing audience
for retention and organic growth

Where You Will Get A Competitive Edge

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to execute strategy and explain results that translate to conversions from organic traffic and insight into customers and verticals. We leverage our media partner relationships to ensure each social site utilizes best practices to bring your brand success. We stay ahead of social trends and curate personalized content for your audience.

Because we are a results-driven advertising agency first, we know that every ad dollar counts. That's why we make data drawn decisions that optimize campaigns through Key Performance Indicators to maximize every budget.

Social Sites

Social media sites place organic content on feeds through segmented audiences . By understanding the personas of the brands organic audience , help place organic content through relevancy and prior engagements . A social site houses many persona types so when posting content on larger sites it's important to rely on the brand's personas to allow personalized content to be shared organically with like organic audiences.

Personalized Content

Client activation specialists research your current customers for generalizations that can be shared with others. They dissect audiences to segment these generalizations into personas that can be pooled into larger audience sets and then creative strategies are customized for personalized content .


Engaging content tells a story two ways. It tells the brand's audience, “Who you are,” “How you can help” “Why you care” and “Where to contact you.” The most important story is told through the data. The data tells the story of relevancy, organic growth and retention. By letting the data drive content strategy we allow the persona to tell us the story of their experience. Knowing the customer is ultimately how we retain a converting audience.

Measuring Engagements and Audience Growth

Positive engagement metrics as well as conversion performance data supports data-driven optimizations that eliminate wasted impressions.

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