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Programmatic Buying

Stay top of mind with measured results static display or short video ads in well crafted campaigns targeted to personas based on generalized characteristics and online behavior .

Why Programmatic Buying?

  • Awareness Advertising
  • Prospect & Retarget Customers
  • The Right Click, The Right Ad
  • Cost-Effective Strategies
  • Top of the Funnel Marketing
  • Leverage Machine Learning & Targeting Algorithms


Create awareness through personalized digital content
on websites your customers frequent

Where You Will Get A Competitive Edge

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to execute strategy and explain results that translate to conversions and insight into customers and verticals. We leverage our media partner relationships to ensure each website placement is best for your brands awareness campaigns. When the customer journey is fully understood, you can guide your potential customer through each phase of discovery.

Because we are a results-driven advertising agency first, we know that every ad dollar counts. That's why we make data drawn decisions that optimize campaigns through Key Performance Indicators to maximize every budget.

Detailed Auditing

Client activation specialists research your current programmatic strategies and focus on what drives customers to your site. They dissect audiences to segment trends to optimize on converting campaigns aligned to website goals.

Media Placements

Programmatic media buying is leveraging the machine learning and targeting algorithms by prospecting through similar audience segments or by remarketing to brand engagers . Building programmatic campaign orders takes an expert that has a deep understanding of the target persona audience. Stay top of mind for your customers and your prospects .


Knowing the persona is important but even more important is knowing the goal of each campaign and where your ads will be displayed prominently. The desired outcome may differ in the path to purchase so it's important to focus on content that drives the main objective of that campaign. The data tells the story of expected next steps in the decision making process, and we let the data drive optimizations. Knowing the customer path to purchase is ultimately how we drive conversions that lead to sales.

Measuring Impressions and Website Goals

Positive engagement metrics as well as conversion performance data supports data-driven optimizations that eliminate wasted impressions.

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