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Catalog Sales Campaigns

By Veda K. Ford, Over 5 years of experience with catalog advertising.

Create Date: 2022/06/01

5 minute read.

Catalog ads and shopping ads have pushed to the forefront of advertising. Advertising inventory brings the product front and center to the consumer. This tactic is relevant to any brand looking to sell their products to consumers online. There are many benefits to promoting live products like consumer product discovery, attribution to the sale and more efficient cost per acquisition.

An example of a carousel ad on Facebook (Meta).

Promote Products

A catalog is grouped inventory in a feed, the feed holds information about the items you are looking to sell. This product catalog allows for special advertising types that promote live inventory to people who may be interested in buying that product.

Consumer Product Discovery

Consumer's who are in need of your product and may not be aware of your brand can discover a product through catalog sales campaigns. Advertising through online media using behavioral targeting, which is a method that targets shoppers using learned and observed online behaviors. These signals indicate to the online advertising platforms that the user is in-market for your product.

Sales Attribution

By understanding the shoppers journey, catalog sales campaigns are strategized to promote products for a sales conversion. Inventory feeds that promote products in catalog sales campaigns optimize for conversions, and from that conversion, online sales can be tracked. Attribution tracks the sale conversion back to the digital media platform.

An example of a catalog ad on Facebook (Meta).

Efficient CPA

A Cost per Acquisition is an online marketing metric that measures the aggregate cost of a consumer completing a sales conversion; converting into a buying customer. Online advertising through catalog sales campaigns are efficient because you can reach consumers directly, in-market for your product with zero wasted ad dollars. Online advertising brings real-time data to marketers allowing for quick optimizations that improve sales conversion performance.

Drive Sales

Products can be difficult to move if you’re unable to get your product in front of your best buyer. Ford Huntington specializes in catalog sales campaigns and uses smart targeting techniques to drive consumers through the sales funnel.

Integrate for Sales Conversions

Catalog sales campaigns move products and increase sales for every industry. To get started marketing with sales conversions as the goal, an inventory feed must be incorporated into your paid online media.

Ford Huntington specializes in the development of proprietary software that will create your inventory feed to power your online catalog sales campaigns. This software will be whitelisted for your company and bundled with online catalog sales campaigns.

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