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Smart Targeting through Programmatic Digital Media

By Veda K. Ford, Over 5 years of experience with Programmatic Buying.

Create Date: 2022/07/21

5-10 minute read.

Programmatic is buying online media displaying ads through automated software to target, buy and optimize advertising, rather than buying from sites or publishers directly. Programmatic gives the ability to utilize static graphics, HTML5 moving graphics and video ad types. You can also reach online users with different ad sizes from landing page takeovers to small square graphics that appear onsites the users frequent. Reach thousands of potential new customers, while retargeting those users who have interacted with the advertising brand.

A demand-side platform DSP aggregates ad supported online inventory from a variety of publishers and partners. There are three distinctive benefits to programmatic buying through a DSP, which include transparency, efficiency and exact targeting.


Have total visibility over digital campaigns through online placements. Monitor performances from targeted audiences of the exact site's ads are being served on.


Real-time data means adjustments can be made at any time to optimize performance against a large, diverse reach from millions of sites offering ad space.

Scaled budgets from a data-driven approach creates flexibility for any brand.


This technology allows for broad audiences to be segmented and targeted in a way that's best for marketers.


Targeting data used to ensure an ad appears on
relevant sites


Shopping habits, online intent signals and online interests to show ads to people who fit a certain behavior profile


Geo-targeting for
location-specific ads


Reach users across devices for an
omni-channel approach

Programmatic DSPs v. Google Ads Display GDN

The Google Display Network GDN is similar to programmatic advertising in a lot of ways. Both systems are auction-based and use display advertising to reach a specific audience. Google Display gives access to only the advertising assets available in the Google Network including Youtube, while other DSPs have many publishers and partners to choose from. Google has recently published an Infographic on Best Practices:

Other DSP’s include: MediaMath, Choozle or LiveRamp. The most effective DSP from experience is Amazon’s DSP. Sellers that advertise on Amazon that also want to reach potential buyers have been exploring CTV ads through Amazon demand-side platforms (DSP). This gives sellers direct attribution to ads from interactions and purchases. Ad supported inventory through publisher services that are made from a variety of DSP partners. Because Amazon owns customer data it's a data powerhouse. The Amazon DSP offers exclusive ad placements on Amazon owned online properties like Amazon and IMDB. This is a very emerging tech and the DSP has the capabilities to place ads on other publishers and partners as well.

Amazon Advertising

Smart Targeting

Programmatics offers several ways to target smartly, and because it offers so many options, it can get complicated. To simplify the process, it’s important to know the target audience, so you know how to reach them. Building targeting personas (link to homepage - personas newspaper) is a great way to know your target and know the ways to reach them. Programmatic is beneficial for both prospecting, looking for new clients or customers and it excels in retargeting, engaging those who’ve had previous interactions. If used in an omni-channel approach Programmatic tactically increases the frequency of times the ad is shown, this assists ad recall and allows for the advertising brand to stay top of mind. It reminds the consumer of initial brand interactions and campaign messages. Retargeting through Programmatic achieves brand favorability when done smart.

What does the future of online targeting look like? Our cookieless future?

My prediction. Predictive advertising - which is predictive analytics that uses historical data, online modeling behaviors and intelligent algorithms to accurately target audiences.

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