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User-Generated Content

By Veda K. Ford, Over 15 years of experience with digital advertising.

Create Date: 2022/06/20

10 minute read.

UGC Defined

User-generated content is any text, videos, images, reviews, etc.—created by people, not brands. In marketing it refers to content relating to the brand. This content is created, published and generated from a user for brands or on their behalf.

Promotional UGC

UGC Creative Ideas For Brands

  • Product Unboxing Video
  • Product Demo Video
  • Reverse Story (Show Outcome/Result)
  • Step by Step Guide
  • Two Person Dialogue

Filming Unboxing a Product

TikTok Specific Ideas

  • Pointing at Bullets
  • Snapping for Transitions
  • Duet w/ Industry Thought Leader
  • Leveraging Text to Speech
  • Green Screen Effect

TikTok Green Screen

Engaging with the audience is the most important concept about user-generated content. If there’s UGC that is open to replies, to engaging to that content in-video. This creates a thread or stream of content related to the brand which was created for the brand not by the brand. This lends credibility.

Who Uses UGC?

Big brands are starting to share and post user-generated content throughout all of the social media apps. Brands who use challenges or contests create content, engagement and organic promotion. Brands that ask their audience to share images or graphics created of their experience cycle in fresh content and exponential engagement. UGCs evoke the audience to share while the brand can interact.

Benefits of UGC

There are important reasons to use UGC’s like; positive reviews on brands increase SEO efforts, utilizing the influencers audience for increased awareness and gain insight from an unbiased audience.

UGC Promoted Post

Paid Media x UGCs

When brands partner with creators the creator gives that brand gained trust and potential virality. When paid media is used with user-generated content it maximizes the content. Paid ads that use creator content are balanced with authority and targeted audiences. This allows brands to leverage data insights and performance media. With gained trust from creators brands can rise above competition because of the lended authenticity. Increased visibility, reaching specific audiences, optimizing for business objectives and valuable insights are some potential benefits of content creators and Paid Social.

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